If You Sit on the Top of Social Status, What Is Your Strategy to Change the World?

Maybe the good idea is within you but just haven’t known

Saranamkaro Bhikku
3 min readMay 17, 2021
Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

What happens to the world right now? Many people died. The economic crisis has risen and the cause of all comes from COVID-19. The frustrated people blame China for being the origin of the virus. It sparks their dark side, ignites their racism within to be anti-Asian.

The advocacy group Stop AAPI Hate said it received more than 2,800 reports of hate incidents directed at Asian Americans nationwide last year. That is a lot of numbers.

Why is this happening?

These incidents are best explained by the “widespread omission” of Asian Americans within cultural conversations, according to Amanda Nguyen, an activist and the founder of the Rise civil rights not-for-profit organisation.

Although the Asian population grew faster than other major groups in the last US census, the community’s stories are not widely covered in the media and its concerns are not polled by political parties, Ms Nguyen told the BBC.

Some federal agencies do not even include the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in their definitions of racial minorities, she notes.

Ms Nguyen says that the people attacking Asian Americans since the pandemic began “can’t really differentiate and don’t care if we are X, Y or Z”.

“They have made us a scapegoat to enact their violence.”

I am also an Asian but Chinese. Anti-Asian can not differ between Asia and Chinese then they hate all Asians instead? I just wake up and being a criminal in their eyes because I am Asian?

This is a big problem but I will not speak about it because reforming China would be easier than reforming the United States of America.

What is China’s problem right now?


China is the world’s factory. You can look around in your house to see if anything is made from china. Yeah, your iPhone also counts. However, there is a lot of fake products out there. Fake eggs that trouble India. Fake concrete-filled walnuts sold in china. Fake mutton made from rat meat and much more.

There are bad guys everywhere but it might be a lot as China has the most population in the world.

Why are they greedy and care only about profit?

If you ask me, then I would say that because 73.56 percent of Chinese do not affiliate with any religion, in other words, the irreligion. They lost religions which show them a reference of good and bad for generations then they had lost standard morale in society and care only for themselves.

Religion teaches us about the afterlife, there are heaven and hell where you go after death. If you do good deeds, you will go to heaven but go to hell if you are a bad guy. This is Operant Conditioning that organizes society into a good shape but Mao Tse-tung had destroyed this fundamental, religions.

If I were the president of Chiana, to solve this, I will announce a special area where has the best environment, air, food, transportation, education, and anything people wish for. There is only one condition to enter or live in this special area, being a good people. This is a heaven on the earth. If they want to live in the best place in China then develop themselves to meet the requirement.

It’s just a dream but who knows if it comes true one day in any form. My idea might not be sharp enough but it might spark someone’s better idea.

This is my idea then what about yours?