How to join Medium Partnership Program where you can’t Get Stripe

A fast and proven way to start making money on Medium

Saranamkaro Bhikku


Many people dream to make a living through writing and Medium is the best platform they might ever know. Me too! I have to dream to write here and get money by joining Medium Partnership Program. I have just need a valid Stripe account to get it done but I cannot get Stripe valid because it does not support my country. I lost the motivation to write in English, my secondary language, then I give up and keep writing on my own tongue.


Last week, I dealt with a freelancer to develop an application for me and found a platform called — Payoneer.

This platform is allowed you to get your own US bank account wherever you live. Then, the way starts here and I want to share it with you.

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up for Payoneer (to get US bank account)
  2. Get EIN from IRS (download the form)
  3. Get US Mailing Address (from MailBox Forwarding)
  4. Get US Phone Number (from Sonetel)
  5. Sign Up at Stripe
  6. Update Your Stripe Account
  7. Get VPN, use the US or Canada proxy
  8. Join Medium Partner Program
  9. Connect Medium to Stripe
  10. Submit your tax form
  11. Done!
When I have joined the program, this email was sent.

I have read a blog, he said we need to signup for Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard and activate it to get a US bank account but it’s not true. You can signup for Payoneer in the normal way and get a US bank account instantly after you join.

For EIN is a bit complicated. You can download the form and call IRS by yourself but hire a freelance, such as Fiverr, to do this for you is a more comfortable way. It’s only $15 — $17.75 in total and I chose the latter choice.

For US mailing address and phone number, you can use other services if you don’t like what I suggest. When you get the required information, you can join the Medium partnership Program and start your dream in less than 10 minutes.

Enjoy your writing!